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My name is Scott Mason. Like my father, Grand Master Art Mason, I am a lifetime martial arts, who many years ago developed an interest in the phenomenon known as Chi or Ki. After many years of research and development of my own Chi Energy  I am going to begin to share my learning and my secrets with you! So I give you my Chi Manipulation eBook. [ShowSalesProof ID=1][/ShowSalesProof]

Chi Manipulation eBook

Chi development has made in the quality of life  me cannot be overstated, the result is who I am today. Because of this I have been able to help people to heal injuries, as well as conquer some chronic illnesses.  I am not saying you will succeed like I have, but you do not know unless you try!  Everyone is capable of learning and applying these principles, everything I have to teach, therefore if the topic is of interest to you I have an offer for you!

What is Chi?

Chi energy is a naturally occurring phenomenon in every living creature as a result of brain activity. The nervous system of the body carries signals in the form of electricity though out the body.  This wiring or the nervous system is encased in an insulator, much like your house wiring is. Whenever you have a current on the inside of a wire, there is a electrical charge also present on the outside of the wire, this is called Inductive Reactance, as a result of this Inductance we have what we call CHI! Chinese acupuncture works by balancing the chi flow in your body, there by allowing the body to heal itself. As a result of reading and practicing this eBook you will learn how to do this yourself with needles.

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