Complete Guide To Chi Development For Novices

* Complete Guide To Chi Development For Novices

Finally after several years of silence Master Scott Mason will be authoring and releasing a new series of books on chi development, the first of which is the Complete Guide To Chi Development For Novices. This like the Complete Kyusho Jitsu Learning Guide will develop a deep understanding and proficiency in the usage of Chi in everyday life. 

"This book will teach you the very fundamentals of Chi development. You will begin with a review if you have studied my teachings before. From there I will take you to a new level of understanding. I have been a student of Chi Development all my adult and teenage life. Now in my mid 30's I am going to give you more.

When people meet me and see my youthful appearance they always wonder why. Do you think that my Chi Development and lifetime of study has anything to do with this? It is up to you! But in this book Complete Guide To Chi Development For Novices. I am going to it explore all the basics!" -- Master Scott Mason

Complete Guide To Chi Development For Novices

This new book is not just for the martial artists, but in truth is a must have for anyone seeing the flaws in the way health is treated in this 'alleged' modern era. However the proof is always in the putting and not only must you study the concepts and ideas that Master Scott Mason will present here, but you MUST do the training! And in these modern times of "instant" wants this is not popular!

This all new book, plus the others in the series will change the way you view your martial art training and how you view the experiences of life in general. And with time you can develop a sense of calm, peace of mind from these teachings.

This new eBook will release on April 1st 2023. And you can save some money now by preordering. The release price of this new masterpiece will be $49.97, but you can preorder now for ONLY $29.97!! You will receive an email from me upon release. This book will be available in Spanish also!

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