Chi Manifesting Abundance & Prosperity

* Chi Manifesting Abundance and Prosperity

Welcome to the Chi Manifesting Abundance & Prosperity video course information page.  We are living today in some amazing times.

And I know that most people will view these times as very bad. But that is only because you are not seeing an entire picture. This is a world of duality not absolutes!

This is the time of the 2 potential Great Resets and more importantly the Great Awakening.

And in this course I am going to share an massive amount of information as to how you can use the Chi energy you are developing to manifest the life you want. 

Does this sound impossible? 

The answer is no because I am living proof of this. And I will explain.

I am a high school drop out. I dropped out because I hated school as I felt I was wasting my time learning crap that would not prepare me for the life I wanted. And I was right. 

Because I was young entering the world without skills I had some very hard times. Divorce, a bankruptcy and my health because of stress was not so great. But I knew the path I wanted to pursue and therefore never gave up on it.  And this happened long before the "Law of Attraction" movements. That information was not complete either. 

But I was very blessed as I began to think better and study success in business and more importantly LIFE I began to meet people who became mentors and teachers along the way. These were a combination of spiritual, life and business teachers.  And it is this combination of teaching I am bringing you today in Chi Manifesting Abundance and Prosperity Video Course.

What is in this Course?

I am going now to give you a quick rundown of the contents and direction of this course.

You do not need any other courses to use this information as it will be as complete as possible! I do however suggest if you are not currently studying Chi that you at lease read my son Scott's FREE eBook linked here.

And also my Chi Meditation Video which is also FREE.

* Chi Manifesting Abundance and Prosperity

So let's get started.

1) What are abundance and Prosperity? 
2) To understand the universe think frequency and vibration
3) Connecting your Chi with God or Universal Energy
4) Understanding the Energy of Money and what attracts it
5) Understanding the Energy of Health and what attracts it
6) The 2 economic resets and which one "will / has" happened
7) The political and spiritual awakening
8) How to reach your goals and dreams

Who am I do to this?

Aside from bumps in the road I am living the life I want.  And I mean that in every way.  Success in life has a very clear path with obstacles to challenge you along the way.  But to succeed you need the correct tools. This is like the study of any Martial Art, there are correct tools for each circumstance.

However school does not teach ANY OF THIS. Because before the Great Awakening this information was ONLY for the corrupt! 

So what is my life of choice? I live in the mountains of Transilvania as a "recluse" with my dogs and family. And I am in the process of creating a Dog Rescue. I call myself the Howard Hughes of the martial arts world. I get up when I want and do the things I wish to do. This is TRUE FREEDOM.

But my choice will not necessarily be your choice.

In hard times comes great opportunity! Today you see business close non stop because of the lockdowns, yet some business survive. Learn WHY they survive and how you can also!

This is not about getting rich quick, this is about building a great life for you and your family! And doing so by using your Chi to change every aspect of your life. If this interests you then Chi Manifesting Abundance and Prosperity is for you! 

Proceeds from the sale of all courses and eBooks will go to my Dog Rescue in Romania

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