Chi Theories Part 1 -
Advanced Manipulation and Healing Theories

* Chi Theories

In Chi Theories Part One we will take a walk into the realm of the unknown.So hold on tight and prepare to study and explore the world of Chi Energy!

There are many healing arts in the world. Be it Reiki, Pranic or other forms of healing. But all have to do at some point with energies and the realigning of those energies in the body.

I am a trained Reiki Master, however found my own path instead. So in all these different modules I have written I am sharing my knowledge and research with you.

This Module

I have many theories relating to Chi Manipulation and Healing. These theories will take your understanding of chi to the next level, as we are going to delve into things that I have quietly studied. 

We will discuss things such as the second layer and we will even get into the realm of healing using your third eye. It will once again expand on all my previous works.

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