Chi Meditation Course

* Chi Meditation Course

Many have asked me about this topic, and I brushed over it briefly in my Chi Lessons of the Grand Master Course. However in this all NEW multi video Chi Meditation Course I will go into great details on the various Chi Meditation techniques I have used for decades for excellent health and control of stress levels.

This will be a one of a kind course. With in dept instruction on how to reap the benefits of meditation for not just martial arts purposes but general peace of mind. 

Chi Meditation Course

This all new video course is based partly on the teaching of my Korean Chi Master, Master Che, but also my 10 years in the study of various Buddhist teachings from back in the late 90's to 2000's.

I will incorporate dozens of different methods for you to try and decide on your own what works best for you! This will include the following:

  • Buddhist meditations to calm the mind
  • Chi Meditations to increase energy in the meridians
  • Specific focus meditations to increase awareness
  • Transcendental Meditations for out of body experience 
  • Connecting to the Universal Chi Energy
  • Balancing Yin / Yang Energy
  • and a special BONUS video to build your memory!

This course is now online and includes 12 different meditation videos! 

n a time of never ending lies and propaganda control of ones own mind becomes an essential survival skill. FINALLY a no bullshit and flowers Chi Meditation Course. Take back your mind! Deprogram yourself! This Course is for anyone who wants the open their eyes and see once again!

Comments from Master Ali on this Course
"Just some feedback on your Meditation course. Based upon the techniques in the course, I have been able to lower my heart rate by 10 points. Which is really great. Thank you Grand Master Mason."

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