Chi Lessons of the Grand Master

* Chi Lessons of the Grand Master

In this important video course from 2020 I am going to, for the very first time share the teachings of my Korean Chi Master teacher, Master Che. 

This is an all inclusive course with benefits far beyond the martial arts, into not just Dim Mak / Kyusho Jitsu usage but health and longevity as well! You will love Chi Lessons of the Grand Master!

What is this course about?

  • Advanced Chi Development through meditation
  • Following the Chi pattern in your body and its link to martial arts movement
  • Making decisions based on Chi
  • Writing with chi
  • Cleaning Karma
  • 3rd eye awakening

What are the Benefits?

In these alleged modern times stress and fear are off the scales for the majority. The treasonous main stream media and their fear mongering, along with totalitarian governments like seen in all countries of the dying western culture solutions are needed.

If they cannot kill you with their chemicals and poison fast food then they will get you with stress caused by fear. But there is a solution! And you will not find it in stores! ONLY here!

This course will: 
  • Quiet your mind
  • Provide overtime Better health
  • Develop Inner calmness
  • Ability to think clearly and see truth over lies
  • Confidence in life
  • And MUCH MORE!!

Chi Lessons of the Grand Master

In these hard times caused by the evil and treason of the politicians, doctors, media and big tech you need to take charge of your life. And the truth is no one can save the world! But you can save yourself. And live a more focused calm life. I spent 5 plus years in intensive training with Master Che, and it was what helped make me who I am today.

In this course you can heal the past, learn to forgive and bring God closer to you! This is a daily practice that does not end. And should become pat of your daily routines! But the results are worth the effort!

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For these dystopic times
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Chi Development Course