Beyond the 5th Dimension

* Beyond the 5th Dimension

What does this mean, beyond the 5th Dimension? First is an understanding that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are not physical being trying to have a spiritual experience.

We have forgotten who we are. The evil that has existed in this land for millennia has prevented this. But today we are in the Great AwakeningFor those who do not know me my name is Art Mason. I am an almost 40 year practitioner of the martial Arts. And the Martial Arts is supposed to be about Body, Mind and Spirit.

But the modern day version is far from this!  Today is about "Sport" and winning competitions.Sadly those who believe this are missing out on things. Martial arts is training for war in a time of peace, and keeping peace via self development. I have been privileged by being mentored by some remarkable and enlightened people. 

And in the past year I have been working to bring these teachings to you. What is Beyond the 5th Dimension about?

It is about first awakening politically which was taught in the course on the 5th Dimension linked here, and then going beyond to different stages of enlightenment. And this something everyone can do, it they do the work.

What is this Course?

In this audio / video course I will cover everything you need to know to take you thinking and mind beyond the 5th Dimension. This is NOT a transcendental meditation course. Plus the uniting of the Body - Mind - Heart and Spirit. To become one with creation and the creator. To see truth and identify lies.  And to truly live in the moment. Not obsessed by things but in love with life. 

We are living in the most exciting and remarkable time in all of history. And as I write this things look bad. But it is always darkest before dawn and dawn is coming! 

Many people when they discover everything you believed in, all you have been told is a lie will not fair well. A time of great healing is coming. And those who have united the Body-Mind-Heart and spirit can become healer.

Beyond the 5th Dimension is about reconnect with who we are, and our connection to nature and the eternal. 

This course will change the way you look at the world! It will help you to develop clear vision!

ALL PROCEEDS are going towards my Dog Rescue in Romania, feeding and sheltering these beautiful creatures. Plus our goal of finding them homes with Children and Adults rescued from Humane Trafficking. There is no long like the unconditional love of a dog.

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