Multi-Position Theory

* Multi Position Theory

Multi-Position Theory - All New Chi Development eBook from Master Scott Mason. Focus! I believe you've heard this a couple thousand times if you are an actual practicing Martial Artist.

I don't care if you have 5 or 50 years, you should always stay focused on your studies, there is always more to learn. And this theory will blow your mind!

Most importantly I'll teach you every nook and cranny of said "multi position theory."

I call it a theory, as I have not had the opportunity to test it on more than a few people. However what studies I have done on this, have been 100% successful. 

So are you ready to learn something crazy? This is not for novices, nor intermediates. So make sure you are an advanced student in Chi Development before even considering this eBook course.

What is Multi-Position Theory?

This is a quantum mechanics theory that our position in the world is based a a decision made by the observer and that this position is actually fluid.  Thus you could create an illusion, a belief in the attacker of where you are located? This theory and its application are from many years of research and training.

It is the ultimate expression on the power of the mind and what it can do to alter our reality. Is this possible? YES it is! But it does take a lot of research and training to achieve this. But then the martial arts should be a study not an award!

I have worked with my father Grand Master Art Mason on this for a long time, using him as my test subject. Also a few other people we associate with.

I am sure you will love this eBook and ultimately a course. This important work is scheduled to be release on of about June 1 st 2023. And I am going to offer you a change to save some cash and preorder! We have not set the final price as of this moment. But you can preorder now for ONLY $29.97! You will receive an email upon release of the book to come and download your copy!

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