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* Chi Healing Video Course

Welcome to our Chi Healing Video Courses page! Here you will find real footage of Master Scott Mason teaching and performing different healing for different body issues.  

This is a very exciting journey for all martial artists and non martial artists alike.

The masters of old always taught that before you could learn to hurt someone you needed to learn to heal. This has never been more true than it is today!

Master Scott Mason is a certified Reiki Master and teacher but has also discovered his own path to healing.  As as child the Chi Master I had train me from Korea had said he was a natural healer. He has taught his methods to many of our martial arts students in Canada and now this information is going to be released for you in these Chi Healing Video Courses!

Grand Master Art Mason

Chi Healing Video Volume 1 - The Eyes

Healing the Eyes

This is a really amazing piece of healing work! As many of you know I have eye/vision issues. The root cause is head trauma. In this video Master Scott works to relieve the strain in my right eye which come from hour upon hour of computer work daily. The results were outstanding! He is also in a project to restore the lost vision to my left eye, which will take many hours of work and time. 

So this video goes into details on exactly what he is doing that helped my vision tremendously. It is the foundation for doing many other healings as you will see over time.

Great news this first Volume of his new Chi Healing Video Courses is now available for immediate download. 

ONLY $19.97!

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