Mastering the Chi Pull Video Mini Course

* Mastering the Chi Pull

The human body is a bio-mechanical electric suite we live within. It has virtually unlimited powers and abilities. We call the life force of the body "Chi." 

And the Chi of other people can be manipulated and moved to obtain certain results. Today I am going to introduce you to the Mastering the Chi Pull Video Mini Course.

What is this course about?

Developing the ability to project ones Chi energy forward to touch another person, or groups of people and affect their ability to remain in balance is a true skill.  

Is this a simple demonstration trick? NO IT IS NOT! 

This ability has many different uses and purposes. But Mastering the Chi Pull is the first step towards these important benefits to the body and the mind. 

This is the same type of principle as the Kyusho No Touch Knockout however with much greater control 

What skills will your develop in this Mini Course?
  • Project your Chi Across both short and long distances
  • Increase visualization skills beyond the average person
  • Feel the energies of other people and thereby their intent
  • Project Chi through barriers like walls and great distances
  • Control the temperature of the outside of the body
  • Pull, push or trip someone coming within your space.
  • Unlock the power of the mind

I have been performing Chi pulls now for 15 plus years and have done Chi demonstrations world wide. I have even done them over great distances across the internet like scene in the video below.

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