Quantum Chi Healing Video Course

* Quantum Chi Healing Video Course

You have likely been follow my teaching on Chi and those of my son Scott for a while now. Today I am going to tell you about the final leg in this journey of healing and self exploration.

That is the Quantum Chi Healing Video Course. You have hopefully already downloaded Scott's Free Chi Manipulation eBook.

Possibly you have also followed my No Touch Knockout eBook and coursesPlus a few years back I did a Pressure Point Healing Video Course

But honestly I have held a lot of information back for a long time!

Back in October 2020 after perhaps the most corrupt and worst year in modern history I decided to release information and teachings I swore I would never release. This was called Chi Lessons of the Grand Master, based on the teachings of my Korean Chi Master who I met on November 29th 1989.

Those who purchased the course and DID THE WORK got amazing results. Results in their stress levels and their peace of mind. Those who did not do the work, did not get the results. 

Now is the time for the final chapter of the story, the Quantum Chi Healing Video Course 

What is this course about?

it begins with questions? The first question is how can I improve my HEALTH, and I mean health not fitness level. Today these terms are viewed as interchangeable and they are not. Question number 2 comes from those who know me best. The question is "Master Art why are you never sick?"

Because I have done the work, I understand my body, my chi and vibration. It comes from a lifetime of work and study. And now I am going to bring this Quantum Leap in understanding to you. Because I think it is time. 

What will I be teaching in this course?

1) How your thinking affects your health and well being, and how to fix it.
2) Things you can eat to increase the overall vibration of the body to stop the cycle of illness
3) Linking Chi training with increased longevity
4) The use of Colour in Healing
5) Water balance of the body
6) Defeating PAIN without drugs
7) How to heal others regardless if they are with you or far away (Chi Projection)

And so much more I cannot even list it. I am going to tie together so many loose ends about Chi-Health and Longevity that I do not even know where to begin!

And because Quantum Chi Healing Video Course is a massive video project 

Course Now Online!

Order Today for 
ONLY $39.97!

I do suggest Chi Lessons of the Grand Master & Chi Meditation as prerequisites, They are not required but will help in understanding and application. 

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