Lesson Four – Karma

Lesson 5


Very few people understand Karma. It has become a buzz word and also a method to manipulate people. 

First there is no good or bad karma, there is only Karma. This is very simply put "cause and effect." There is no past life Karma that must be solved. But sometimes past life Karma needs to be understood for a successful current life. (more in another lesson)

What this gets down to in this life is to learn to be disciplined and control your actions. All actions have consequences, and very often people do not consider these consequences. Those under the age of 25, for the most part, have no clue about the consequences of actions. The brain is not fully developed. This is why most smokes start at under 35 years of age. 

Plus this is why you find people so reckless at ages under 25. And the reason we must clear our minds, take control of our minds is because even actions taken that are believed to be "just" can have bad unintended consequences.  The more you develop the better decisions you will make.

Lets look at the Nobel 8 Fold Path once again. After all these are actions, and therefore Karma related.

Right View or Understanding  

This is insight into the true nature of reality. The clearer the mind, the clearer the vision.

 Seeing the world from the middle ground and not to constantly react with emotion. I have someone who follows my teaching always asking "when should I fight." This is the question of an undisciplined mind. 

There is no answer to that question. If you are correct when to engage in battle you can save your life. If you are wrong you end up in prison or dead.

We really do live in a Matrix, and most of what we react too is a movie, and it is pointless. Chose your battles wisely.

Right Intent 

The unselfish desire to realize enlightenment for the benefit of all beings. The highest purpose in life is to be of service to others. Western Culture which is currently failing in its own greed does not understand this.

As an example today the elderly are discarded to "homes" because their children are too selfish to take care of them.

Rather these people should be learned from for their wisdom. Every person should be looking at ways to grown and then give back to humanity. I hope someday we see this!

Right Speech 

Using speech compassionately.  This does not mean you have to be nice to everyone. At a root level it means to always tell the truth, or at least do not lie. Everyone lies. But this is a choice and lies have terrible consequences. ALWAYS.

Right Action

Using ethical conduct to manifest compassion. I spent 30 years in the martial arts teaching world in service of other people. I did not do it to become rich. We did very well. but I put my students first and I still do.

This is an example of Right Action

Right Livelihood 

Making a living through ethical and non harmful means. This is today so very important. You can see very plainly the unprecedented level of corruption in the world today. This includes government, medical, and even retail.

Doctors as an example today have become so corrupt they participate in genocide. This has very heavy Karma and Karma always wins. Pushing drugs on people who trust you is a crime against humanity. And they will pay dearly from this Karma. You may not see it, buy Karma is absolute. 

Right Effort

Cultivating wholesome qualities and releasing unwholesome qualities. A wholesome quality to working towards a goal in life, understanding it is hard and that you will fail at times.

But yet you never give up. Unwholesome is when you believe you are disadvantaged because of "X." That is a low level person, and this is a choice. Today criminal politicians push this ideology for their own selfish ends. 

The ONLY obstacle for a successful, meaningful life is you.

Right Mindfulness 

Whole body-and-mind awareness. This comes from meditation!

I eat when I am hungry, not because it is time. I eat until I am satisfied, not full. I take my time and enjoy what I eat. Right now as I write this it has my full attention. I am in no hurry.

Right Concentration

Meditation or some other dedicated, concentrated practice.

All knowledge is self knowledge. The average person has over 75,000 thoughts per day. 90% plus are negative. This is the undisciplined mind. Meditation will chance that number. You will have less thoughts, but these thoughts will have meaning. 

Learn to think on purpose.

See you in the next lesson.

Have a great day!

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

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