Lesson Eight – What is Truth?

Lesson 9

What is Truth

There are different types of Truth. Today people are very concerned about Political Truth. And this type of truth is important. However this is about the masses. In this course we are focused on the self.

At times people try to make the "self" selfish. But the fact is this is not. Like in an airplane that loses cabin pressure you always put your mask on first. Because if you do not and pass out you are of no use to help others.

The first truth we must look at is the truth of suffering. Men suffer because they do not have the right point of view about life and become brainwashed into thinking life is about things you posses. We actively mourn for our desires in life and get angry when we do not get those.

Yet, building the mind and our connection with the infinite will over time eliminate this suffer. But in our modern world we are convinced that if I just got that new job, or that new car I would be happy. Only for a brief moment. 

Things are not truth. There is work that must be done, study that must be done. And then with practice you can achieve many different layers of enlightenment. This causes a blissful state.

So what is bliss? It is a neutral ground state living in the moment, seeing clearly. 

You still have all the same emotions, but they do not consume you.

Zen Saying

"Before Enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water".

:"After Enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water"

This is a Zen riddle and paradox of life. What is the difference? Before enlightenment you do these chores and do not know you are doing the, The mind is not present. After  you realize the task and get pleasure from it. YOU ARE IN THE MOMENT

Truth, your truth is not found outside of yourself. It is only found from looking within. 

Am I happy? Happy is an extreme of emotion like sadness. If you are always happy it then loses its meaning. I am for the most part very content. 

Content is the middle ground. I train to keep the current state of the world from affecting me. Taking me out of balance. This does not mean I do not engage with it. I just do not let it affect me.

More to come

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