Zen Ways of the Buddha

13 Lessons Easy

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Course Structure

Lesson One – A Different Way to Think

A Different Way to Think about life

Lesson Two – The Octagon?? Really?

The 8 Fold Path of Buddhism to end suffering

Lesson Three – Meditation

Understanding the importance of meditation and how it is the way forward. 

Lesson Four – Karma

Understanding Karma

Lesson Five – Karma Part 2

Continuing the Karma discussion

Lesson Six – Calm Mind

Calm the mind and connect the dots

Lesson Seven – The Chi Connection

Learning how Chi Development is part of all this. 

Lesson Eight – What is Truth?

They say the truth will set you free. 

Lesson Nine – Stages of Awakening

The Great Awakening explained in details 

Lesson Ten – Stages of Awakening Part Two

The Stages of Awakening Part Two

Lesson Eleven – The Seeds of Enlightenment

Sharing with others. Planting seeds to awaken them. 

The Great Awakening

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