Lesson Seven – The Chi Connection

Lesson 8

The Chi Connection

The correct and balanced flow of Chi in the body is essential for good health. Now if you go to 99.9% of the doctors in the world they will tell you that this is garbage and that Chi does not exist. That is a LIE.

There will never be research into Chi because Western Medicine is all about profits and not good health. I suggest you meditate on this and do real research. Research without paid off players. Finding this information will be work. But it is well worth it.

Proper chi flow allows the organs of the body to function properly and to regenerate from illness and injury. Energy also goes where the mind directs it. The more powerful and affirming the thought, the higher the energy and the better the results. 

This will also help to remove bad belief's that have been programmed into you. How many commercials do you see in one day for legal drugs? This is a trillion dollar a year industry in the United States alone! 

But there are nature products like Hemp that will restore proper body functions and thereby cure many ailments. Yet if you advertise these and say the word CURE you go to prison. Natural products threaten the money chain to the corruption.  

Should that not raise about a million Red Flags?

When the Chi in the body is properly balanced, developed and increased brain functions also come alive. Linked with meditation you are then aware of many things you were not aware of before. 

Do you think this would be a benefit to you?

Then get started on the Chi Building. If you go to this LINK you can grab a free copy of my son Scott's white paper / eBook on the subject.

Have a watch of this video too on creating a chi ball.

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