Road to Chi Mastery

* Road to Chi Mastery

Welcome to the Great AwakeningAnd welcome to my final course is this MASSIVE Chi Development Series, the Road to Chi Mastery Audio / Video Course.

We live in a world of distractions. And as a result the majority of people feel lost and empty inside. People turn to drugs and alcohol to try to cope with life. And the sad thing is this never works.

There is an illusion that there are answers to life's questions outside of the self. When the truth is you know all the answers, but because of distractions you have forgotten them. 

As well as forgotten where to look. 

Something I find very curious about this is that most people who follow my teachings are martial artists like myself. And most of us grew up admiring the words of Bruce Lee. Yet few internalize one of his most important messages. 

"All knowledge is self knowledge."

Therefore understanding how to develop the self and that there is the only destination. There are many roads along the path, but we all arrive at the same place in the end.

I began my Chi development journey in November of 1989.  My teacher was a woman from South Korea that I later called Master Che. She was part of a larger group of people lead by an enlightened man referred to as "Great Teacher Kim." 

Her abilities where mind boggling to me. I spent five plus years in very intense training with this lady. She never gave me one answer, never asked for anything in return. She taught me through development of Chi to look inside. 

Return to Canada

When I returned to the country of my birth I was not happy about it. I do not even want to visit this place. But I had some business to close up. And I am very happy to be back where I belong now. The Mountains of Transilvania. But I learned something upon my "vacation." People in the west are desperately lost.  The average person has gained at least 20 pounds in my five years away. They are obsessed with things, and especially politics. Believing everything they are told by the media and "political authorities."

This is NOT LIFE. This is barely alive. 

Every day I see lies from across the world that the masses believe. Yet when I talk to someone in the country of question they are confused. Because it is all FAKE. When you develop yourself, your chi you become nobodies FOOL.

So i decided to begin teaching the things I leaned from Master Che. I realized that most people would not finish this work. There are too many distraction along the way.  But if ONE or TWO people did, all the work on my part would be worth it. And I am thrill so many have done the work! I gt email questions daily

So I released the following courses:

Several of these courses are FREE, others are paid course. They were very well received which makes me very happy. And that inspired me to do the final course. This is the sequel to Chi Lessons of the Grand Master, the Road to Chi Mastery.

What will be in this course? Below are the benefits to the study.

  • Control of Body Chi at all times (Protection related)
  • Hearing the internal voice for making decisions 
  • Understanding Inner Chi
  • Automatic Writing
  • Scanning and Healing
  • and more

All proceeds go to my dog rescue called the Wolf's Den Dog Rescue in Transilvania. This important new course is a must for today's world. However Chi Lessons of the Grand Master should be studied intensively first! This is very advanced material and not for the beginner.

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