Zen Ways of the Buddha

A Free Online Course for Peace of Mind
* Zen Ways of the Buddha

Zen Ways of the Buddha is a FREE Online course. The reason I am creating this course is I see a great need. Today people are bombarded with information, most of it false.

This causes a great deal of stress and mental illness. People need real solutions to this. And it is about personal survival and growth

Let me start with the first face. Zen Ways of the Buddha is not about Religion. Buddhism is NOT a religion it is a philosophy of life.

Yes there are some who promote it as religion. But this is simply false. For it to be religion there needs to be references to God. 

it does not matter if you are Christian, Muslim or Jew this course will not tread on your believes. In my opinion it will help you connect better with God as a quiet mind is needed to do this! 

Zen Ways of the Buddha

What is in this course? Let's break down some of the lessons below.

1) History of Buddhism - We learn from history, some of this will surprise you
2) The 3 Nobel Truths
3) The Eight Fold Path
4) Quieting the mind
5) Developing awareness of truth
6) The paradox of life
7) Being a Zen warrior
8) Understanding Enlightenment
9) And much more!

Who am I to offer this course?

This is an important question. No I am not someone who read a book and decided I am an expert or a guru  I spend 5-6 years in intense study with a Korean Chi Master, who aside from teach taught Buddhism within the time I was with here. After our time was pasted I spend 10 years in study of the Zen Ways of the Buddha which included studying online courses and spending time in monasteries to learn as much as possible.

Now I am no monk. I am a warrior, but the ancient warriors had a deep spiritual basis so they always did right. Today people need to go back to basics and do what is RIGHT, not what is expedient.

Sorry No Longer Available!

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