Master Chi Healing: The Art Of Belief

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Part 5 of Master Scott Mason's NEW eBook series on Chi Development is Master Chi Healing: The Art Of Belief. The MIND is POWERFUL! But most people have no idea of this! And this eBook is going to blow the doors off the limited belief that comes from mainstream that health is tied to the ingestion or injection of man made chemicals.

The bodies natural condition is good health. And this is what you have provided you do not poison yourself along the way by continually ingesting garbage these alleged health experts but in front of you.  Bleach in your water, fluoride in your water.

Do you really think the government cares about your teeth?? And you do not want to know what is in the "fast food" you consume from coffee shops and "restaurants" daily.

I have extraordinary good health. 

But 30 years plus ago I renounced the system the west operates under. One time back in the 90's while getting a note from a "doctor" for missing work.  Yeah $25 dollars and they will write whatever you want on a  note. If that does not say something I can't help you!

However this "doctor" asks me who my "family" doctor was. I told him I did not have one and my health was extraordinary. He told me and I quote "great health is a sign of an serious underlying illness."

And people believe this crap! 

Master Chi Healing: The Art Of Belief

This new eBook will teach you the steps to build the internal energy of the body, the life force "science" pretends does not exist. With this you will heal yourself and then be able to help others.

"This is the tippy top of Chi Healing. I am going to teach you how I am so damn good at what I do. Whether you get anything out of this book, depends on your thirst for knowledge and your willingness to work to become as a good as I am. I've been at this for 20 years, you cannot master Healing in a day, a month, a year or even a decade. This is a lifetime pursuit, this is only for life time students, and if it wasn't obvious, only for the most advanced masters at chi development." - Master Scott Mason

Let me ask you one question before I finish. Why do people abdicate their health to those making trillions of dollars off they remaining ill?

This final work in the NEW series of 5 Chi Development eBooks will release on December 1st 2023. But you can preorder now if you wish for December 2023 release and save. I will send out an email upon release. The regular price for this eBook will be $69.97, however you can preorder now for ONLY $29.97!

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