Master Chi Combat: The Art Of Intent

* Master Chi Combat

Part four of Master Scott Mason's NEW Chi Development Series comes Master Chi Combat: The Art Of Intent: This is an all new eBook and the sequel to Chi Combat Applications. This is perhaps one of the most misunderstood topics in the martial arts world.

Surrounded by media and Hollywood propaganda, as well as martial artists who are scammers trying to make a name for themselves. My favorite are YouTube videos of a ring fighting beating up a Chi Master. When in truth no Chi Master would agree to such a ridiculous idea.

Many years ago I had a man offer me 1000 dollars if I could knock him out. I told him I would teach him to do it for $1000. He did not respond.

Someone who believes that you can master chi combat or that you cannot do this are both correct. Our thoughts and beliefs are self fulfilling prophecies. 

Master Chi Combat: The Art Of Intent

This book is about the development of Chi to a high level and its control based on intent. Without intent nothing every works. And it does not matter what the subject is. Intent in the 21st century is a lost art for most people. And those who cannot master intent are easily seen as they love to mock things they do not understand. 

"Intent is everything. You cannot hurt without intent, you cannot heal without intent. Do not take this course lightly, do not take this study lightly. This is only for the most advanced masters in the field of Chi Development, I will not be responsible for the consequences of your action. So buyer beware, this is real, and you can seriously hurt someone or worse with this information. There are consequences for every action, far more than you can even imagine." Master Scott Mason

If this is a topic that appeals to you then this is the eBook course for you. But again what you put into this you will get out of this. You cannot read a book and be a master, the work must be done.

This eBook/course is scheduled for release on September 1st 2023. And I am going to give you the opportunity to preorder for delivery on or about September 1st 2023. At the time of release I will send an email notification to come and download. The list price for the eBook will be $49.97 but you can preorder right now for ONLY $29.97!

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