Chi Combat Applications – Module 2c

Chi Combat

Chi Combat
Chi Combat

What is Chi Combat? This will be the final part of Module 2. In Chi Combat we will summarize all that we have learned and apply it to your very own martial art, giving you a new method for dishing out pain and defending yourself.

To apply what is taught in this module you only need a basic knowledge of chi that is taught in the free e-book, however having Module 2a will be a great benefit, because Module 2a enhances your knowledge of energy.

Module 2c is now available! However as we have traditionally done we are going to offer those interested an chance to pre-order this very important work at a special price! The regular price will be $77! However I will hold this price a little while longer!

Order NOW!

To order your copy just use the PayPal link below. This will take you to download the eBook immediately after purchase.

ONLY $25!


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